ATLAS SkillTech University, a hub of urban multidisciplinary learning, is proud to announce the launch of ATLAS Edge. This initiative is a testament to our commitment to bridge the skill gap in the industry and provide practical, industry-aligned education. ATLAS Edge offers executive programs to equip working professionals, business owners, and students with the tools and expertise they need to prosper in today’s dynamic job market.

ATLAS Edge highlights the university’s commitment to fostering collaboration and co-creation. The programs are carefully developed in consultation with industry leaders, senior corporate executives, and educators, ensuring that these stakeholders’ collective wisdom and experience are incorporated. This collaborative approach recognises the transformative impact of artificial intelligence and other emerging technologies, actively integrating them into the program structure and design.

“With ATLAS Edge, we are expanding our offerings to a large market with laser-focused programs that empower professionals to thrive in today’s dynamic job market,” said Dr. Indu Shahani, Founding President & Chancellor of ATLAS SkillTech University. “These programs will have holistic teaching and learning opportunities, thoughtful scheduling, equilibrated modules, and active mentorship from the industry mentors.”

The initiative has been launched with four flagship executive programs, each tailored to address specific industry needs:

  • Executive Certificate Program in Women Entrepreneurship

The Executive Program in Women Entrepreneurship will nurture a new generation of women entrepreneurs and female-led SMEs. With support from a large community of start-up founders and business owners, the program will train budding business leaders to start, build, fund, and scale their ventures. The course will dive into real-world challenges women entrepreneurs face, provide practical long-term support, mentor and guide the ventures, offer tips on strategy and innovation, and train them on leveraging institutional support ecosystems.

  • Executive Certificate Program in UI/UX and Digital Design

The Executive Program in UI/UX and Digital Design will provide comprehensive hands-on training on user interface design, online communication, and the hard skills needed to thrive in the evolving digital media. The program will include modules on different technologies and functionalities, creativity and digital art techniques, emerging trends, and tools that enable them. Developed in partnership with industry partners, the program will promote technical proficiency, strategic thinking, competitive advantages, enhanced user journeys, and long-term customer loyalty.

  • Executive Certificate Program in Generative AI

The Executive Program in Generative AI will teach students how to use AI, address the technical knowledge gap, and introduce the participants to commercially available AI products. It is aimed at working professionals, students, academics or industry leaders who wish to augment their knowledge. The program will be led by experienced tech executives and AI-specific SMEs. They will ensure accessibility, engagement, and business applicability with active project mentorship from technology managers running AI-led transformation projects in their organisations.

  • Executive Certificate Program in Investment Management

The Executive Program in Investment Management is aimed at finance professionals and investors. It will explore the intricacies of diversified investment strategies, portfolio optimisation, credit and equity, risk management, legal and compliance strategies, and the technicalities of financial reporting. Nilesh Shah, the Managing Director of Kotak Mahindra Asset Management, will serve as Chief Mentor of the program, supported by guest faculty from top asset management and capital market firms. It will combine general financial knowledge, technical expertise, and the ability to take a holistic view of the economic landscape.

“With these programs, we are targeting diversified industries and cross-disciplinary skill needs,” said Siddharth Shahani, Co-Founder & Executive President of ATLAS SkillTech University. “Our programs will be immersive, practical, and industry-aligned, ensuring that our students imbibe the specificities of corporate culture and are industry-ready.”

ATLAS Edge will collaborate actively with niche start-ups, global corporate partners, and international universities of higher learning. It will promote a global outlook and career upgrading and offer a well-rounded blend of learning opportunities, peer and alumni networking, and community engagement. The four flagship programs speak to each other academically and have significant areas for collaboration and cross-learning. These programs will catalyse professional growth, increase our industry engagement significantly, and drive further upskilling and relearning in the workforce.

“We are proud of the partnerships and conversations we are having with brands who understand and support our mission to be the perfect finishing school for professionals,” said Namrata Ashok Chotrani, Founding Executive Director of ATLAS Edge. We believe immersive, live project-based learning, research, and consultancy are the best approaches to empowering professionals to optimise their potential when they join the workforce.”

ATLAS Edge will offer live classes at the campus of ATLAS SkillTech University in Bandra Kurla Complex (BKC), Mumbai. For more information about ATLAS Edge and its executive programs, please visit