“AI is here to stay! UX designers need to adapt to this new future.”

That was the overwhelming message from an exciting dual masterclass in UI/UX Design and Generative AI organised by ATLAS Edge. The two masterclasses were hosted on the campus of ATLAS SkillTech University in Mumbai. The event launched two new courses to impart much-needed technical skills to professionals.

The Age of AI has disrupted all fields and industries. Design and digital experiences are witnessing its most visible effects. New companies and tools are being developed at an unprecedented pace. Today, AI is actively adopted in UI/UX design, assisting in ideation, customer research, prototyping, and more.

All these and more were at the forefront of the conversation on Saturday, 3 March, when three leading figures of academia and industry delivered two thought-provoking masterclasses on UX/UI Design and Generative AI. With the rise of multiple publicly available AI models, the event saw high participation and turnout, with many professionals, students, and enthusiasts joining in.

Masterclass 1: Generative AI and its Evolution

INSOFE founder Dr. Dakshinamurthy V Kolluru led the masterclass on Generative AI and spoke about its evolving commercial and personal applications. The masterclass looked at some of the most visible examples of generative AI in recent months, such as text generation, image creation, voice cloning, and music composition. Dr. Kolluru, who sold INSOFE to EdTech leader upGrad, expanded on using AI in design and other industrial fields. He showed how AI and advanced robotics reshape high-precision medical interventions, brain sciences, and healthcare.

Masterclass 2: UI/UX Design

The session was led by Prof. Mohit Bharadwaj who highlighted the implications of prototyping, speculative, and iterative design. He spoke from his long industry experience and discussed some iconic online designs that enhanced brand recognition and customer loyalty. Prof. Bharadwaj, who has worked on haute couture brands like Escada, Valentino, Chanel, Eli Saab and Georges Hobeika, encouraged designers to embrace a “fail fast, learn faster” Silicon Valley approach.

The final session was by Trivikram Annamalai, Senior UX Designer at Google, who has a long experience in core interaction design. Mr. Annamalai has worked on a wide variety of commercial UI/UX projects, including smart applications for Samsung Galaxy and Tizen. He insisted on always making data-driven decisions and putting the ‘end-user’ at the centre of the design process. Great customer experiences require constant data-backed user-journey research and continuous testing to understand their behaviour patterns, pain points, and preferences. He ended on the rise of AI applications of UI/UX and the road ahead.

Two Programs for the Digital Generation

ATLAS Edge has launched two programs to teach these digital technologies’ industrial applications. These courses will have immediate industrial applications.

The Executive Program in UI/UX and Digital Design will nurture and develop designers who can work across different aspects of digital media. The program will be a hands-on training on the most advanced tools and technologies the industry uses today. Students will produce two portfolios at the end of the course, boosting their career options.

The Executive Program in Generative AI will help you learn to use AI. It includes the technical knowledge underpinning AI, the gap in understanding for non-STEM students, and the next steps in its development. The program will introduce you to today’s AI tools and products and their industrial application. The course is tailored for professionals who wish to augment their knowledge.

Register now and take a big step in your career.